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Tuscan Hammered Single Sphere

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A Tuscan hammered single sphere baluster refers to a baluster with a Tuscan style that features a hammered texture and a single spherical element.

The Tuscan style, as mentioned before, draws inspiration from classical architecture and design elements found in ancient Rome. Tuscan balusters typically exhibit clean lines and a sense of timeless elegance.

The hammered texture refers to a surface treatment applied to the baluster, creating a dimpled or textured appearance. This hammered effect adds visual interest and can give the baluster a rustic or antique look.

The single sphere element is a decorative feature incorporated into the baluster. It typically consists of a single spherical shape, such as a ball or orb, placed at center of the baluster. This sphere adds a distinctive touch and serves as a focal point within the overall baluster design.

The Tuscan hammered single sphere baluster is commonly used in railing systems and staircases where a traditional or classical aesthetic is desired.

Tuscan Hammered Single Sphere Iron Baluster. 9/16" sq. x 44". Many colors to choose from. If ordering a straight hammered metal baluster to match this - please order the Tuscan hammered straight baluster.