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Short Round Bar - 5' length

Staircase renovations require components that meet both safety standards and aesthetic preferences. Our 5 feet round bar serves as a durable staircase handrail, easily integrated into any stair handrail design. It's crafted from high-quality round stock metal, ensuring longevity and stability. This metal stairway bar is not only a practical safety feature but also adds a sleek touch to your interior with its standard bar length and ideal staircase railing thickness. Each round metal bar 5/8 inch in diameter provides the perfect grip, aligning with typical stair railing dimensions for residential use. Homeowners looking for a 5 foot handrail will appreciate the robust construction and the ease of installation that comes with these custom stair parts. The round bar stock selection meets various needs, whether it's a short round bar or a full-length metal handrail 5ft for larger projects. The round steel bar features that make our product stand out include an uncompromising quality that supports a range of staircase railing components. When installing, you can count on reliable stair railing hardware to ensure everything fits seamlessly. Not to be overlooked, the 5/8 metal rod offers a visual appeal that complements the overall design of your stairwell. By choosing our products, you achieve both aesthetic ambitions and essential functionality. The sleek, residential bar length contributes to an uninterrupted flow in design, while each handrail for stairs promises to stand the test of time. Trust in our expertise to provide you with a staircase feature that is not just a necessary addition but a statement piece for your home.

A 5-foot horizontal round bar is a type of metal railing component that is commonly used in contemporary and modern staircase designs. It is a straight metal bar that is 5 feet long and has a circular cross-section. The horizontal orientation of the bar creates a clean and sleek look, making it a popular choice for modern staircase designs. The round shape of the bar allows for a comfortable grip when using the railing. 5-foot horizontal round bars are available in various metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, and brass, among others. They are also available in Satin Black and Stainless Steel.

Satin Black Horizontal Round Bar - 5' length - Hollow.  5/8" diameter.  Standard Duty - 1mm thickness.  Heavy Duty - 2mm thickness.

These bars are an economical alternative to longer round bars because they do not incur additional shipping fees that are charged by common carriers like UPS and FedEx due to their length.