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4-3/4" Rustic White Oak Modern Farmhouse Box Newel

Rustic farmhouse stair railings have become a staple in home design, bringing a touch of warmth and character to modern interiors. The 4-3/4" rustic white oak modern farmhouse box newel at Stair Warehouse epitomizes this trend, offering both aesthetic charm and robust functionality. Acting as a decorative support post, it is a pivotal component of a cohesive rustic farmhouse stairs setup. Its sturdy craftsmanship ensures a long-lasting white oak stair post in your home. A rustic box newel with a custom box newel design can transform the look of your staircase, serving as an anchor for your railing and rustic balusters. The exquisite white oak newel post is handcrafted to enhance your farmhouse stair railing design, melding traditional craftsmanship with contemporary appeal. If you're planning a rustic oak stair renovation, upgrading to a modern farmhouse stair newel can make a notable difference. The wooden staircase support post is more than just practical; it's a statement piece that complements a farmhouse-style balustrade or a modern rustic stair parts collection. The inclusion of rustic staircase balusters will complete the look, ensuring that the entire system complements the interior farmhouse stair components already in place. Opt for this refined yet rustic newel post to ensure your stair space reflects a genuine rustic modern stair railing ethos.


The 4-3/4" rustic farmhouse box newel post is a type of structural post commonly used in farmhouse-style homes or rustic interior designs. It typically features a square or rectangular shape and is crafted from natural, textured materials such as hard woods or pine.

The term "box newel post" refers to its design, resembling a box or a hollowed-out column. This design allows for various practical functions, such as housing electrical wiring, providing structural support, and serving as a decorative element. Box newel posts are often used in staircases, where they serve as both a support for the handrail and a focal point of the design.

In the context of a rustic farmhouse style, the box newel post is typically crafted to enhance the overall aesthetic. It may have distressed or weathered finishes, showcasing the natural texture and imperfections of the wood. Traditional farmhouse materials like hard woods are commonly used to create an authentic rustic look.

The rustic farmhouse box newel post serves as a significant architectural element in farmhouse-style homes, adding character and charm to the interior design. It complements other rustic features, such as exposed beams, stone fireplaces, and wide-plank hardwood floors, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of traditional farmhouses.

Rustic 4-3/4" White Oak Hollow Modern Farmhouse Box Newel. 4-3/4" square x 53-1/4" length. Made in the USA!