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4094 Craftsman Panel Newel Post


A Craftsman panel newel post is a type of decorative element used in architecture and woodworking, typically associated with the Craftsman or Arts and Crafts style. It is commonly found in staircases and refers to the vertical post or column at the bottom of a stairway, often serving as a support for the handrail.

Craftsman panel newel posts are characterized by their distinctive design, which includes panels or recessed sections that create a geometric pattern. These panels can be rectangular, square, or even feature more intricate shapes, such as diamonds or triangles. The Craftsman style emphasizes simplicity, clean lines, and the use of natural materials, so panel newels are often made from wood, such as oak or maple.

Craftsman panel newel posts are crafted by skilled Amish woodworkers in Ohio. They can be custom-made to fit specific staircase designs or can be purchased as pre-made components from Stair Warehouse. When installing a Craftsman panel newel, it is important to ensure proper anchoring to provide stability and safety.

Overall, Craftsman panel newels add a touch of architectural beauty and craftsmanship to staircases, while also embodying the principles of the Craftsman style.

6-1/2" square x 55" Craftsman style panel newel post. Solid wood construction (not a hollow box newel).  Available in Red Oak and Primed White Poplar.

WARNING: Inset panel is only 2-7/8" width. Make sure handrail width is smaller than 2-7/8".

Not available as a half newel