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U-Channel Glass Closing Insert

Stair Warehouse's selection of u channel for glass systems offers a sleek and modern look for any architectural design. Our channeled glass options provide a seamless aesthetic that's perfect for various installations, from residential to commercial settings. The combination of u glass profiles and wood u channel choices allows for customization and versatility in design. Our range includes durable aluminum channel for glass, ensuring a perfect fit for areas with high moisture, like a u channel for shower systems. The aluminum glass channel insert is designed for effortless integration, providing an unobtrusive and elegant finish. For projects seeking a frameless appearance, our u-shaped glass channel and frameless glass channel options promote a minimalist and clean display. Architects and builders looking for structural integrity without compromising on aesthetics will find our frameless glass u channel and structural glass channel ideal for their projects. Whether you need a u channel for glass partitioning or a comprehensive u channel glazing system, we have the right product for you. Our glass panel u channel can easily accommodate various glass thicknesses, offering flexibility in design. For a more refined touch, consider the stainless steel glass u channel, which combines strength with style, or the extruded glass channel for its precision engineering. Whether you're planning to install a u channel glass railing or simply need a metal glass u channel for a single panel, Stair Warehouse has you covered. Trust us for top-quality materials that elevate the safety and elegance of your architectural glass channel needs.

The U-Channel Insert is a versatile component designed to close the glass aluminum channel. It is available in two sizes: Part #E1999800 for 5/8" to 11/16" thick glass and Part #E1999810 for 13/16" to 7/8" thick glass. The channel insert measures 3000mm (118") in length, providing ample coverage for your glass panel installation. It is made from durable materials and is an essential part of ensuring a secure and professional finish for your glass aluminum channel application.