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Stainless Rounded Glass Clamp for Flat Surface

Stainless steel glass clamps offer a sleek and secure way to hold glass panels in place. Our rounded glass clamps are designed specifically for flat surfaces, ensuring a snug fit and a clean look for your balustrade or railing system. Each glass clamp for flat surface is crafted with precision, making installation straightforward and reliable. The durability of our stainless glass panel clips means they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, complementing any architectural design. With our handrail glass clamps, you can achieve a seamless and modern aesthetic, as they act as invisible supports, allowing the beauty of your glass to take center stage. Choose our railings glass fasteners for a high-quality solution that blends functionality with style.

The 316 Grade Stainless Steel Glass Clamp is designed for securely attaching 5/16" or 3/8" glass panels to a flat wall or square post. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this glass clamp offers durability and corrosion resistance. It includes protective plastic washers to prevent damage to the glass during installation. The clamp features a removable pin, making it easy to install and maintain. With dimensions of 1-11/16" x 2-1/2", this glass clamp provides a reliable and visually appealing solution for securing glass panels in place.

Install using StairWarehouse Rivet Nut Setter, 8mm Rivet Nuts and 8mm Cap Head Screws.