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Square Glass Clamp - Flat

$23.75 - $31.75
A square glass clamp is essential for secure and stylish glass installations. Our stainless steel glass clamp is perfect for flat surfaces, ensuring a sleek look for your glass railing. These glass panel clamps are designed for durability and ease of use. The flat mount glass clamp offers a seamless fit for frameless glass railings. Enhance your space with our reliable glass clamp hardware. Choose our glass balustrade clamps for a modern and safe solution.

The Stainless Square Glass Clamp is designed to securely hold glass panels on flat surfaces. The clamp has dimensions of 1.38" thick x 2.17" tall x 2.17" wide, providing a sturdy and reliable attachment for your glass panels.

This glass clamp is available in two stainless steel grades: Grade 304 for interior applications and Grade 316 for exterior applications. You can choose the appropriate grade based on your specific installation environment to ensure optimal corrosion resistance and durability.

The glass clamp is compatible with tempered or laminated glass panels of different thicknesses. It is available for 5/16", 3/8", or 1/2" thick glass. When placing your order, please indicate the thickness of the glass you will be using by providing the information in the Comment Box on the Check-Out Page.