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Stainless LED Handrail Tube

$472.00 - $685.00
A well-lit staircase not only enhances safety but also adds a stylish touch to any space. A durable, functional, and design-forward choice, our handrail lighting led system offers a perfect blend of form and function. Experience innovative illumination with our led handrail, crafted to integrate seamlessly into your home or commercial setting. The sleek led banister rail brings a modern aesthetic, while the handrail with led lighting ensures every step is clearly visible, reducing the risk of accidents. Our comprehensive handrail LED lighting solutions, including illuminated handrails and led handrail lighting system, provide homeowners and businesses with options that suit a variety of needs. Each led tube handrail is designed for easy installation, blending effortlessly with existing decor to offer that coveted architectural finish. For outdoor applications, our outdoor led handrails withstand the elements, providing reliable and long-lasting brightness. The handrail lighting led configurations are tailored for both subtle ambiance and practical applications, ensuring that your staircase handrail led feature serves as both a safety mechanism and a conversation piece. With handrail led strips integrated smoothly into the handrail tubing, the led lit handrails illuminate your path without invasive glare or shadows. The led handrail system enhances user experience and property value alike. Our illuminated handrail systems invite an element of sophistication to your staircase, delivering on expectations of both elegance and utility. With the advanced technology at play within our handrail led lighting products, you ensure an eco-friendly and cost-effective addition to your property. Upgrade your space with the seamless integration of safety and style – choose our led handrail system to light your way.

Stainless LED Handrail Tube for Lighted Rail Systems. 42.4mm (1.66") diameter x 6000mm (19.6') length. Available in 304 grade stainless for interior and 316 grade stainless for exterior applications. This is for the handrail tube only. Other lighting parts sold separately. Due to the length of this product (19+ feet) it must ship by LTL freight carrier. The shopping cart will not calculate the shipping charges correctly for this product and additional shipping may apply. If you order on-line and additional shipping applies, we will contact you to approve any additional charges before shipping the product. We can also cut this product down to lengths not exceeding 7' so that it can ship via UPS ground and save money (additional charges for cutting will apply).