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Square Flange Cover

Square flange covers offer a sleek finish to railing systems and pipe fixtures. Our stainless steel flange cover provides durability and a polished look for both floor and wall installations. Perfect for those seeking a metal flange cover, this product serves as an escutcheon plate that neatly conceals mounting hardware, delivering a clean aesthetic. The flange cover kit, including a square flange plate and a square flange cap, ensures a consistent design flow, enhancing the visual appeal of handrails and pipes. Whether you're looking for a base flange cover for industrial applications or a decorative flange cover to complement your home's architecture, our selection caters to a variety of styles, including the sought-after rustic flange cover. Emphasizing function and form, our architectural flange cover is the ideal choice for a sophisticated and finished appearance.

The Stainless Flange Cover is designed specifically for 1-9/16" (40mm x 40mm) square anchor flange/newel posts. This cover is made of stainless steel and provides a sleek and polished finish to the flange, enhancing the overall appearance of your railing system. It offers protection and a clean look to the exposed anchor flange, ensuring a professional and finished look to your installation. (This will not work with the Adjustable Anchor Flange.)