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Round 9/16" dia. Baluster

$4.50 - $19.75

A round baluster with a diameter of 9/16" is an iron balusters commonly used in railings and staircases for support and aesthetic purposes. Balusters are vertical posts or spindles that are spaced apart and installed between a handrail and a bottom rail or tread. They help to prevent people from falling off the stairs or elevated platforms and also contribute to the overall design of the structure.

In the case of a 9/16" round baluster, it means that the diameter of the baluster is 9/16 of an inch, which is approximately 0.5625 inches or about 14.2875 millimeters. This size is relatively large compared to standard baluster dimensions, which are typically 1/2 inch in diameter.

Hollow & Solid Round 9/16" diameter Metal Baluster. 9/16" diameter x 44" length.  (Warning:  This is NOT a SQUARE Baluster!!!)

Also available in 1/2" and 5/8" diameter sizes.