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Rivet Tool Rental - #E40590-R

Stair Warehouse offers a convenient rivet tool rental service to suit various project needs. Whether you need a stainless steel rivet tool for precise work or are looking to rent a rivet gun for quick installation, our inventory has you covered. Opt for our rivet gun rental for temporary needs or choose the self piercing rivet gun rental for tougher materials. Our rivet nut tool rental provides reliable solutions for any threading requirements. The blind rivet setting tool is ideal for creating a strong joint with stainless steel rivets, and those looking for short-term options can benefit from our hand rivet tool hire. For more extensive projects, our rivet installation tool lease programs are perfect. We ensure that each rivet tool lease is straightforward and cost-effective, eliminating the need for immediate purchase. Professionals seeking manual tools will find our manual rivet tool rental service satisfactory. For a more specific need, the rivet nut tool hire ensures you have the exact tool for the job without the long-term expense. If you require a blind rivet tool rental, we give you access to top-quality equipment. Our stainless rivet rental options are designed to ensure you can work with confidence and efficiency. For those in the market for hand rivet gun renting, our service is both accessible and affordable. We offer rivet application tool rental services tailored for diverse applications, including steel rivet gun leasing for robust construction tasks. Our team is committed to providing you with an industrial rivet gun rental that meets professional standards, ensuring your project's success without the upfront cost of outright purchase. Find the right tool with us today and get your work done effectively and efficiently.

Tool Rental for the Rivet Tool. This tool allows customers to install a 6mm or 8mm rivet. The 6mm rivet allows for installation of the round bar holders or side cable holders. The 8mm rivet is for attaching glass clamps to the side of the newel post. Please note that you will be charged the full $550.00 for the tool and refunded $500.00 when the tool is returned to Stair Warehouse in good working condition. Rental is for 45 days from the date customer received tool. If tool is not returned within 45 days of receipt, the daily rental for the rivet tool is $7.50 per day.