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Stainless Steel Rivet Nut

Stainless steel rivet nuts offer a robust solution for creating strong, threaded anchor points in metal, fiberglass, and rigid materials. Crafted from durable stainless steel, these rivet nuts ensure a secure, corrosion-resistant grip, perfect for various applications from automotive to marine environments. The use of rivet nuts stainless steel in your projects guarantees a blend of strength and reliability. Opting for stainless rivet nuts means choosing a fastener that can withstand the elements and resist wear over time. These fasteners are an excellent choice for those seeking both quality and durability in their joinery work. The inclusion of stainless threaded inserts within these nuts furthers their utility, making them a versatile staple in the toolbox of professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. A rivet nut installation can be a smooth process with the right riv nut tool. This tool assists in placing the rivet nuts with precision, ensuring they are set properly for maximum hold. The rivnut fastening system is designed for efficiency, allowing quick and effective application in a variety of settings. Whether you're working with riv nuts, rivit nut, rivit nuts or any variation thereof, you're dealing with a fastening system that's engineered for simplicity and effectiveness. This method allows for easy attachment of components, and when executed well, presents a clean and streamlined result. The simplicity and functionality of stainless steel rivet nuts make them a strategic choice for those looking to enhance their construction or repair tasks with a reliable, long-lasting solution.

The 8mm x 1.25 Stainless Rivet Nut is an internally threaded insert made from AISI 304 stainless steel. It is designed to be installed using a StairWarehouse Rivet Nut Setter, ensuring a secure and reliable fastening solution.

To install the rivet nut, an 11mm diameter pilot hole is required. Once the pilot hole is drilled, the rivet nut can be inserted and securely tightened using the Rivet Nut Setter. The internal threads of the rivet nut provide a reliable and durable fastening point for various applications. The stainless steel construction ensures excellent corrosion resistance and long-lasting performance. Must be installed with a StairWarehouse Rivet Nut Setter.