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6700 Craftsman Handrail 2-1/2" width


The "6700 Craftsman Handrail" is a specific type of handrail commonly used in Craftsman-style staircase designs. Handrails are important components of staircases, providing support and safety while also contributing to the overall aesthetic of the space.

The 6700 Craftsman Handrail typically features a traditional and timeless design that aligns with the Craftsman architectural style. It often incorporates a rectangular profile with clean lines and minimal ornamentation, emphasizing simplicity and craftsmanship. The handrail is commonly made of wood, such as White Oak or Hard Maple, which can be stained or finished to enhance its natural beauty.

The width of the 6700 Craftsman Handrail is 2-1/2 inches, which refers to the horizontal dimension across the flat portion of the handrail. This width provides a substantial and sturdy grip for users while maintaining the visual proportion with other elements of the staircase.

The 6700 Craftsman handrail is commonly used in combination with Craftsman-style balusters or other railing elements to create a cohesive and authentic staircase system.

The 6700 Craftsman Handrail is a stylish and versatile option for your staircase. It features a width of 2-1/2" and a height of 1-5/8". This handrail is available in Red Oak, Hard Maple, and White Oak.

Designed in a craftsman style, this handrail offers a classic and timeless look that can complement various interior design themes. Its solid construction ensures durability and stability, providing a secure handhold as you ascend or descend your stairs.

Please note that due to its length, the 6700 Craftsman Handrail is subject to additional shipping charges. The exact shipping cost will be calculated and communicated to you after placing your order. You will have the opportunity to review and accept the shipping charges, modify your order, or cancel it if needed