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Stainless Wall Rail Support - for Flat Bottom Handrail

$27.95 - $34.00

The Stainless Steel Wall Rail Bracket with Flange Cover is a reliable and stylish solution for mounting a flat bottom handrail to a wall. Made from grade 304 stainless steel, this bracket offers excellent strength and corrosion resistance.

Please note that due to the diverse range of side or wall surfaces that customers may encounter, the connecting hardware such as screws or bolts needed to attach the wall rail bracket to the wall are not included. Customers are responsible for sourcing and using appropriate hardware based on their specific wall type and installation requirements.

The bracket features a flange cover, which not only adds a polished and finished look to the installation but also helps to conceal the mounting hardware for a clean appearance. Whether for residential or commercial applications, this stainless steel wall rail bracket provides sturdy support and complements the overall aesthetic of your handrail system.