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Stainless Square Pivot Connector

$38.25 - $51.25
Stainless square pivot connectors are versatile components widely used in handrail and railing installations. These connectors are essential for joining square tubing securely, ensuring the structural integrity of the setup. With the precision-crafted stainless square tube connector, every joint becomes a testament to both form and function. Our stainless square tubing joints are engineered for superior strength and durability, making them a go-to stainless steel pivot joint for countless projects. The square tubing connector series we offer includes not just the standard options but also adjustable square tube connectors that provide flexibility in design and application. Whether for commercial or residential purposes, the metal tube pivot fittings we provide are designed for smooth integration into any square tubing framework. Designed to cater to a broad range of requirements, our metal square tube connectors also feature a square connector for railings which is sleek and modern. The durability of our stainless steel tubing connectors not only safeguards your structures but also maintains their aesthetic appeal over time. Making use of a pivot connector for square tubing streamlines the assembly process, ensuring solid and reliable connections every time. Our comprehensive collection of square tube fittings is designed to meet the exacting standards of builders and craftsmen who demand quality. If you're looking for a stainless pivot connector that seamlessly combines utility with elegance, our durable pivot tube connector fits the bill perfectly. For those in need of robust stainless steel structural connectors, look no further. Our precision square tube connector underscores the attention to detail present in every component we offer. In addition to functionality, these square handrail connectors' minimalist design makes them a subtle yet strong addition to any construction. The adjustable square tube connectors provide added versatility, suitable for various construction scenarios, ensuring a snug fit and perfect alignment every time. By choosing our metal tubing connector hardware, you are opting for a fusion of sturdiness and precision that can handle the demands of daily use. Furthermore, our square tube railing fittings are tailored to deliver performance and reliability in one package. Embrace the strength and sophistication of our stainless square pivot connectors to achieve architectural excellence in your next project.

The Stainless Square Pivot Connector is specifically designed for use with 40mm x 40mm (1-9/16" x 1-9/16") square stainless tubes with a 240 grain satin finish. This connector offers a pivot point, allowing for flexible and adjustable connections between square tubes. It is available in two different grades: 304 grade stainless for interior applications and 316 grade stainless for exterior applications, ensuring optimal performance and durability in various environments. The connector provides a seamless and secure connection, allowing for smooth pivoting and movement when required. It is a reliable choice for constructing structures or installations that require adjustable angles or pivot points.