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Stainless Double Knuckle Baluster 5/8" Round


A stainless round double knuckle baluster for stairs is a specific type of baluster or spindle used in staircase construction. It is made of stainless steel, which offers durability, strength, and a sleek appearance.

The term "double knuckle" refers to the design of the baluster, which features two decorative rounded knuckles. These knuckles are positioned along the length of the baluster, providing an aesthetically pleasing element to the overall staircase design.

Stainless steel balusters are popular in modern and contemporary architectural styles due to their clean lines and resistance to corrosion. They can be used in both residential and commercial settings, providing support and safety while adding a touch of elegance to the staircase.

Stainless Double Knuckle Baluster. Solid 5/8" diameter x 44" length.