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Square Adjustable Handrail Support - Square Stem

$25.00 - $44.20

The Stainless Square Adjustable Handrail Support is designed to provide versatile support for handrails with different shapes and sizes. It can accommodate both flat bottom handrails and round handrails with a diameter ranging from 1.5" to 1.78".

This adjustable handrail support is specifically designed to fit the 40mm x 40mm (1-9/16" x 1-9/16") newel post, ensuring a secure and adjustable connection. It allows for easy customization and alignment of the handrail to suit your specific needs.

The handrail support is available in two stainless steel grades: Grade 304 for interior applications and Grade 316 for exterior applications. Both options feature a satin finish, providing an attractive and durable surface that complements any style of railing.

A Flat Saddle is also available for mounting a square or flat bottom handrail to the top of this handrail support (sold separately).