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Monte Carlo Reeded with Knuckle


A Monte Carlo Reeded with Knuckle iron baluster is a type of decorative component used in staircase construction. Balusters are the vertical posts that support the handrail along the staircase. They come in various designs and materials, and the Monte Carlo Reeded with Knuckle style is one option.

The term "Reeded" refers to the presence of reeding, which is a series of parallel lines or grooves that add texture and visual interest to the baluster. It gives the baluster a more refined and detailed appearance.

The "Knuckle" element refers to the rounded decorative feature often found at the top and bottom of the baluster. It resembles a knuckle or a rounded ball shape and is typically larger than the reeded section.

The Monte Carlo Reeded with Knuckle iron baluster combines these design elements to create a visually appealing and traditional look for staircases. It is usually made of iron, which is a durable and popular material choice for balusters.

Monte Carlo Reeded Baluster with Knuckle - Hollow. 5/8" diameter x 44" length.