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Monte Carlo Reeded 5/8" Round w/ Large Knuckle


The Monte Carlo Reeded 5/8" Round Iron Baluster with a Large Knuckle is a type of baluster commonly used in staircase railings. It features a round shape with a diameter of 5/8" (0.625 inches) and a decorative large knuckle design.

The Monte Carlo Reeded 5/8" Round Iron Baluster are vertical supports that are installed between the handrail and the base rail of a staircase to provide structural support and aesthetic appeal. They come in various powder coated colors like Satin Black and oil rubbed bronze to suit different design preferences.

The "Reeded" design of the Monte Carlo baluster refers to the presence of grooves or ridges along its surface. These grooves add texture and visual interest to the baluster, enhancing the overall appearance of the staircase railing.

The large knuckle on the baluster serves as a decorative element. It is an ornamental feature located in the middle of the baluster.

Hollow Reeded 5/8" diameter Round with Large Ornate Knuckle Baluster. 5/8" dia. x 44" length.