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Country French Baluster - 5400

Staircase balusters serve as a key design and safety feature in stair construction. When opting for a wooden baluster, it's vital to choose one that complements the style and structure of your stairs. With a range of wood baluster styles available, homeowners can select a classic baluster like our country baluster, which brings elegance to any staircase. Our hardwood baluster options are crafted from quality oak, ensuring durability and a timeless look. Our white baluster options can seamlessly integrate with various interior baluster designs, offering a clean and bright aesthetic. Those seeking a touch of sophistication might consider our french baluster designs, which embody the charm of European decor. For custom baluster requests, we accommodate to make sure your vision for a unique baluster design comes to fruition. The process of baluster installation is streamlined with our products, and for those looking to refresh their staircase, baluster replacement can be a straightforward DIY project. Our baluster patterns add an artistic touch, while the correct baluster spacing ensures a balanced and safe staircase layout. Decorative balusters, such as our country french style, provide an immediate upgrade to your home’s interior, turning the mundane into the magnificent. If you're leaning towards a DIY approach, painting balusters allows for personalization to match your decor theme. Meanwhile, pairing handrail balusters with a carefully chosen wooden baluster ensures a cohesive and attractive staircase. In creating a welcoming and coherent space, the right choice in staircase balusters is key. With our diverse selection, you can achieve a functional, stylish, and safe staircase that stands the test of time.

Country French Wood Baluster - #5400. This baluster is 1-3/4" square and comes in 3 different lengths (34", 38" or 42"). Turning on baluster is 27-1/4" on all baluster lengths. Available in several different species of wood. These balusters are "elegant rise" balusters which means that the turned portion of the baluster remains the same length across all 3 lengths and the additional length is on the bottom square section. This allows the pattern to follow the rake of the stair case as it goes up and in most circumstances is the preferred method. These wood balusters DO NOT have a dowel pin on the bottom block. The balusters can be installed with either a 3076 metal baluster fasteners or our wood dowels (sold separately).