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6040 Round Wall Rail with Flat Bottom


The "6040 Round Wall Rail with Flat Bottom" is a specific type of handrail commonly used in staircase designs where a wall-mounted handrail is desired. Handrails provide support and safety while also enhancing the aesthetics of the space.

The 6040 Round Wall Rail with Flat Bottom is known for its classic and versatile design. It typically features a rounded profile, making it comfortable to grip. The "flat bottom" refers to the underside of the handrail, which is flat and designed to be mounted securely against the wall.

This type of handrail is often made of wood, such as white oak or hard maple, which can be stained or painted to match the desired color scheme. The flat bottom design allows for easier installation against the wall, providing a seamless and finished appearance.

The 6040 Round Wall Rail with Flat Bottom is commonly used in interior staircases where a wall-mounted handrail is preferred.

6040 Wall Handrail. Standard 1-3/4" diameter with a flat bottom. Also available in 1-1/2" diameter flat bottom, 2" diameter flat bottom or 2-1/2" diameter with a flat bottom. The 1-3/4" diameter handrail has a 7/8" wide flat bottom. The 1-1/2" diameter handrail has a 3/4" wide flat bottom. The 2" diameter handrail has a 1" wide flat bottom. We stock the 1-3/4" profile in Red Oak, Poplar, Hard Maple, and American Cherry. All other species of handrail in all other sizes are made to order by the wood mill and will take approximately 12 to 15 business days to produce before shipping. Please note that longer lengths (10'-16') of handrail in Beech or Walnut may have a scarf joint. Please call for price and availability on other wood species. Sold by the foot. To order - please enter total length of handrail needed in the quantity box of the order page and inform us of the separate lengths of handrail needed in the "Comment" section of the check-out billing page. Handrail over 5' in length:: If your order contains 6040 handrail that is greater than 5 feet in length, additional shipping charges will apply. The shopping cart will not calculate additional shipping charges. We will contact you with the amount of any additional shipping charges for your approval prior to shipping your order. You will have an opportunity to accept the charges, modify or cancel your order.