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4002 Chamfered 3-1/2" Newel


The term "4002 Chamfered 3-1/2" Newel" likely refers to a specific type of architectural component used in staircases or balustrades. Here's a breakdown of the different parts of the term:

  1. "Chamfered": Chamfering refers to the process of cutting or beveling the edges or corners of a square or rectangular object to create angled edges. In the case of a newel, chamfering could be applied to the middle to give it a decorative or more refined look.
  2. "3-1/2" Newel": This dimension refers to the width of the newel post. In this case, it indicates that the newel has a width of 3-1/2 inches. The width is measured across the broadest part of the newel.

A newel is a structural post that provides support and stability to a staircase. It is typically located at the bottom and top of a staircase, as well as at intermediate landings. The newel post serves as an anchor for the handrail and balustrade system.

4002 Chamfered Contemporary Newel - 3 1/2" square. This is a contemporary 3 1/2" newel with a chamfered side and top edge. This newel looks great with the 5060-C or 5360-C contemporary wood baluster series. This type of wood newel is also available fluted (see 4000F newel) or plain with a chamfered top edge (see 4000 newel). Available in two sizes - 48" and 58". Available in Red Oak, White Oak, Beech, Poplar, Maple, American Cherry, Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba), Hemlock, Hickory, Mahogany and Walnut. If you would like a half newel, please specify that in the comments section of your order upon checkout. Half newels must be ordered in multiples of two (2). Additional costs will apply.