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3079 Rail and Post Fastener

Staircase railings are a crucial safety feature that also impact the aesthetic appeal of your home. Our rail and post fastener systems offer a secure and straightforward solution for handrail to newel post attachment. Our minilock handrail fastener simplifies the handrail to post connection process, allowing for stable and robust bolt on railing setups. For those who desire reliable handrail fastener options, our stair hardware fasteners provide exceptional handrail bolt fastening for a sturdy and lasting staircase. Ensuring newel post fastening is done correctly is essential for overall staircase integrity. With our rail to post fastening system, you get a comprehensive solution for handrail to post securement. This includes various newel post mounting methods that cater to different styles and designs. Easy handrail attachment is achievable with our staircase railing bolts, which are designed for user-friendly application. The newel post attachment hardware we offer supports a no-fuss handrail bracket installation. This adds to the overall user experience, making the setup process less intimidating and more accessible for homeowners. Additionally, stair balustrade fasteners are available to complete the look and safety of your staircase. When it comes to rail fixing techniques, our products are at the forefront of innovation and ease of use. Banister post fixings no longer need to be a source of frustration, as our solutions are engineered for straightforward application and dependable performance. From casual homes to elegant settings, our rail and post fasteners maintain the integrity and beauty of your staircases while complying with SEO and conversion optimization best practices for online content.

The 3079 Rail and Post Fastener is a complete kit for installing handrails to posts and fittings to rails. It includes a hangar bolt, curved washer, flanged nut, and 1" tapered face plug. It offers a secure and professional solution for your railing installation needs.

Tools Needed: 1/4" or 9/32" Drill Bit, 3/8" Drill Bit or 1/2" Spade Bit or Forstner Bit, 1" Spade Bit or Forstner Bit, Rail Bolt Driver (801P) and/or Rail Bolt Tool (901). If not using a Rail Bolt Tool (901), you will need an open ended wrench to tighten the nut.