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5015 Colonial Baluster 1-1/4"

The Basics About Wood Balusters

Wood Balusters normally come in two basic sizes (1-1/4" square or 1-3/4" square) and in 3 different lengths (34", 38" or 42"). We can manufacture custom size balusters up to 2-1/4" square or 48" in length (please call for pricing). Our normal balusters are available in what is called an "elegant rise" series which means that the turned portion of the baluster remains the same length across all 3 lengths and the additional length is on the bottom square section. This allows the pattern to follow the rake of the stair case as it goes up and in most circumstances is the preferred method. We also have "structural rise" balusters available but you must call to order. The structural rise balusters have different turning lengths and are normally available in 5 sizes - 31", 34", 36", 39" and 42" (call for sizing). The bottom square block on the structural rise balusters stays the same and the turning length increases as you go up in size. Please call to order structural rise balusters.

These wood balusters DO NOT have a dowel pin on the bottom block. The balusters can be installed with either a 3076 metal baluster fasteners or our wood dowels (sold separately).