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Round Bar Holder - Stainless

Round Bar Holder - Stainless

Item code: round-bar-holder-69

Product Summary

Stainless Round Bar Holder. Made for attaching stainless 12mm round bar to the side of 42.4mm (1.66") diameter round newel posts. The round bar goes all the way through this holder. Available in 303 grade stainless and 316 grade stainless for 12mm round bar. Also available in a flat mount for attaching bar holder to square/flat tube/newel/wall.

Round Bar Holder Installation: This holder comes apart into 2 pieces. Loosen the set screw that is closest to the post and the part will separate. Attach the base to the newel post. Place the outer portion of the holder back over the base and adjust it to the correct angle needed. Tighten the set screw to lock it in place. Once the round bar is installed, tighten the other set screw to lock the bar in place.

Round Bar Holder - Stainless
Round Bar Holder - StainlessRound Bar Holder - StainlessRound Bar Holder - Stainless