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About Us

Stair Warehouse is a division of InterSell Corp. and was developed by Shawn Capell and John Stevens who have many years experience in the stair building industry working with quality manufacturers, homeowners, builders and distributors.

Shawn is from San Jose, CA and is the first born of 4 brothers and two sisters. Shawn moved to The Woodlands, Texas in the early 80ís and has two sons. John is a native Texan who met his beautiful bride in law school and married in 1994. John and Leah currently live in Spring, TX and have 2 precious daughters.

Stair Warehouse was created for two reasons. First, by prayer and petition, Shawn and John were led to help meet a customer demand for quality stair parts at low prices. Second, customers would continually ask for a variety of wood and iron stair parts that they could not find locally but would still like to purchase via the web. For years, customers would ask for these products and services. As a result, Stair Warehouse emerged and has consistently conformed to the customers expectations. Just take a quick look at the testimonial tab and you will soon find a list of satisfied customers.

Our goal at the Stair Warehouse is to listen to our customers and provide the products and services they demand. Our company has a great deal of knowledge and will help any customer with their stair project.

Stair Warehouse currently distributes product from facilities in Texas and Ohio. All of the products are made to order and shipped immediately to your location. You will be very pleased with the end result.

Payment Methods

Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover


Stairwarehouse stair parts are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a limited period of one year from the date of shipment. If found to be defective by the manufacturer, products will be exchanged or credited to the customerís account at his option. No products may be returned without prior approval. No other warranties or responsibilities for safety or performance are either expressed or implied.

Stairwarehouse cannot be responsible for the following conditions:
  1. Wood stair systems not installed and sealed within 30 days from time of delivery.

  2. Stair systems exposed to severe climate changes: we recommend that all mechanicals, (HVAC), be in operation a minimum of 48 hours before installation of stair parts.

  3. Stair systems exposed to moisture or direct sunlight before being properly sealed.

  4. Stair systems not properly installed.

  5. Any other misuse or abuse of stair parts.
All Stair Parts are for INTERIOR USE and installation only unless otherwise noted.

Building Codes

The construction of your stair system may require compliance with local building code standards. Due to variations and the different interpretations of these state codes, it is the responsibility of the customer to have their proposed stair system approved by local code officials prior to ordering stair parts. The IRC 2003 Visual Code Interpretation is available for viewing on-line at

Handrail, Shoerail and Millwork Orders

We will attempt to provide the exact handrail, shoerail or millwork lengths requested by our customers. If the exact length requested is not available, we will notify customer of next longest available length. Customer will be responsible for additional charge for longer product.

Handrail is sold by the foot. All orders placed will simply total the number of feet requested on the order form.

Please write the exact lengths of handrail needed in the Comments section of your order (on the billing page) - i.e. 2-10', 3-8', 1-6', 1-12' etc.