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2015 Bunker Hill Baluster Series

The Basics About Wood Balusters

Wood balusters are commonly being used in the field of architecture particularly in building and structural design. Known as a very important stair part, a wood baluster is a designed piece of wood which stands on a uniformed manner to serve as support for the hand railings of any staircase.

A group of balusters is generally called balustrade. These are found in staircases in old and contemporary edifices such as houses and in pedestrian overpasses. In some instances, these are even placed in baby cribs, wall dividers and home furniture.

What then are the importance and uses of these artistic figures that are carved through the craftsmanship of skilled people, particularly the ones made out from wood?

These wood spindles or banisters among those who are experts in the trade served not only as guiderails or barriers. They can be taken as decorations as they typically put in attractiveness. Another very commonly used is the wood spindles and unlike balusters, these are fashioned or patterned from the shapes of the spindle which is its rotating axis part.

Wood balusters or spindles are made and offered for both interior and exterior applications. There are about thirty species of trees available in the flora and fauna that produce wood balusters or spindles.

This depends on which country these classy architectural element are from. In America, birch, maple, polar, cherry, walnut and sapele woods are commonly used. In Asia, wood balusters often are produced from grown trees such as Narra, Mahogany, Lauan, Apitong and Gemmilina.

Certainly, in other parts of the globe, there are many more species of trees that are being grown, cultivated and then yielded to continuously produce wood balusters and spindles.

They are eventually be displayed and sold in the local and international stores as evidenced by the current trend of online selling to capture a much wider circle of buyers. 1-1/4" Baluster and 1-3/4" Baluster