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Tuscan Sphere Scroll Baluster

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A Tuscan sphere scroll baluster refers to a baluster with a Tuscan style that features a decorative scrollwork design with spherical elements.

In the Tuscan style, which draws inspiration from classical architecture and design elements from ancient Rome, balusters typically exhibit clean lines, simple profiles, and a sense of timeless elegance.

The sphere scroll design incorporates both scrollwork and spherical elements. The scrollwork refers to a decorative pattern characterized by curved or spiraling shapes, often resembling scrolls or volutes. These scrollwork elements can be positioned along the length of the baluster, creating an ornate and intricate design.

Additionally, the baluster incorporates spherical elements, usually in the form of spherical orbs or balls. These spherical elements add visual interest and serve as focal points within the overall baluster design.

The Tuscan sphere scroll baluster is commonly used in railing systems and staircases where a traditional or classical aesthetic is desired.

Hollow Tuscan Hammered Single Sphere Scroll Baluster. 9/16" sq. x 44" length. Scroll is approximately 5" width x 14-1/2" length.