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Tuscan Round Hammered 9/16" Baluster

$13.95 - $14.95

The Tuscan Round Hammered 9/16" Baluster is a specific type of baluster with a hammered texture and a diameter of 9/16". It is designed to have a Tuscan or Mediterranean style, which typically includes elements inspired by classical architecture.

The hammered texture refers to a surface treatment applied to the baluster, creating a hammered or dimpled appearance. This texture adds visual interest and can complement various design styles, especially those with a rustic or antique aesthetic.

The 9/16" diameter of the baluster indicates its thickness, measuring approximately 0.5625 inches or about 14.2875 millimeters.

The Tuscan Round Hammered 9/16" Baluster can be used in railing systems, staircases, or other architectural applications where balusters are required. It's important to ensure that the baluster spacing complies with local building codes and regulations to ensure safety and proper installation.

Solid Round Tuscan Hammered 9/16" diameter Baluster. 44" length.