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Round Split Arrow

(You save $2.55 )

A round split arrow iron baluster for stairs is a variation of the traditional round arrow baluster. It features a round shape with a split arrow design, where the arrowhead is divided into two separate sections that curve outward. This style of baluster adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to staircase railings.

Like other balusters, round split arrow iron balusters serve both functional and decorative purposes. They provide structural support to the railing system while enhancing the overall aesthetics of the staircase. The split arrow design adds a visually appealing element and can create a more intricate and detailed look.

You can mix and match them with other baluster styles or use them exclusively to create a custom railing design that suits your taste.

Solid Round iron baluster/picket with forged/hammered split arrow pattern. Sold individually. 9/16" round x 44". These beautiful round balusters make for EASY installation!