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Tuscan Twist Knuckle Baluster


A Tuscan Twist Knuckle baluster refers to a baluster with a Tuscan style that combines a twisted design with knuckle details.

The Tuscan style draws inspiration from classical architecture and design elements found in ancient Rome. Tuscan balusters typically exhibit clean lines, simple profiles, and a sense of timeless elegance.

The twisted design in a Tuscan Twist Knuckle baluster refers to a spiral or helical pattern along the length of the baluster. This twist adds a dynamic and visually appealing element to the design, creating a sense of movement and intricacy.

The knuckle details are decorative elements incorporated into the baluster. These knuckles are typically rounded or bulbous sections positioned in the center of the twisted portion of the baluster. The knuckles add visual interest and serve as focal points within the overall design.

The Tuscan Twist Knuckle baluster is commonly used in railing systems and staircases where a traditional or classical aesthetic is desired.

Hollow Tuscan Hammered Single Twisted Knuckle Baluster. 9/16" sq. x 44" length. Also available in a solid version.