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Combine Wood with Iron balusters

Combine wood handrails, treads and newel post with beautiful iron balusters. Choose from our list of 10 in stock colors and creative designs that will compliment the warm hughes of fine wood. Your home should reflect your uniqe aesthetic with our unique shapes forged out of iron bar through the fire and strength of the blacksmiths ancient art. Today, Artisan's use the tools of old - hammers and anvils, as well as modern materials and techniques to create state of the art iron balusters. Marrying wood and iron in your design gives you an enormous palette of beautiful possibilities to creat a staircase of exceptional elegance.

All powder coated iron balusters are 44" long, with ornamental details centered 18" from the top. Your installer will make one cut from the bottom, to the required length. All powder coated balusters have 1/2" round dowel tops for easy installation into handrail. Smooth square iron balusters are 1/2" square, hammered iron balusters are 9/16" in diameter.

And, please rememeber the 4" sphere rule listed in our How To Install Metal Balusters Guide.