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Angled Base Collar Shoe Square 1/2" - Aluminum


The Satin Black "Glue-Down" Angled Base Shoe is specifically designed for pitched or rake surfaces. It is compatible with 1/2" square balusters and can accommodate angles up to 40 degrees. The base shoe measures 1.33" in square dimensions and has a height of .35". Made from durable aluminum, the Satin Black "Glue-Down" Angled Base Shoe offers a stylish and reliable solution for securing balusters on angled surfaces. To attach the base shoe to the substrate, you will need to use epoxy or polyurethane construction adhesive, which is not included with the product. By utilizing the Satin Black "Glue-Down" Angled Base Shoe, you can ensure a secure and stable installation of your balusters on pitched or rake surfaces while maintaining a sleek and cohesive aesthetic.