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6910 Handrail

The Plain and Simple Handrail

In order to prevent injuries such as accidental fall or tumbling down from the stairs, most staircases are designed with a Stair Handrail that is intended to be grasped on by the handler to provide safety and support while ascending or descending the stairs. The Stair Handrail should be built in such a way that persons who wish to go up or go down from the stairs may have the ease and comfort in doing so.

The Stair Handrail for steps is usually simple, plain yet elegant in nature. Little details may be found on the Stair Handrail in order for it to achieve optimum functionality. Since the main functions of a stairway handrail are to promote safety and to prevent unnecessary injuries, the Stair Handrails should be easily held, durable and stable. If not, then your staircase is a point in your homes or offices where accidents are waiting to happen.

The Stair Handrail is a common component of a staircase. But it does not necessarily mean that all staircases has stairway handrail. Modern staircase design, especially those that rely heavily on a minimalistís vision tend to do away with putting up Stair Handrails with the stairs. This may be a good idea especially if there are no curious and exploitative children or frail elderly residing in the home. But if children and older adults are living there, putting up stairway handrail is always the best choice.

The Stair Handrail needs not always be plain and simple. You may opt to add intricate carvings or embellishments as long as the handrail is strong and sturdy.