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Blank Newel – Small 3-1/4"


A newel blank refers to a solid, unfinished block of wood used to create a newel post for stair railings. The "3-1/4"" measurement you mentioned refers to the width or diameter of the newel blank, indicating that it has a width of 3-1/4 inches.

Newel blanks are typically made from solid wood and are available in various wood species like Red and White Oak to accommodate different railing colors and designs. They serve as the foundation for the newel post, which is the vertical support structure at the bottom, top, and at certain intervals along a staircase railing.

The small blank newel post is a solid wood option designed for a contemporary to modern home. It stands at a height of 54" and features a width of 3-1/4" square. Ready to be stained, this blank newel post allows for customization to suit your desired style. Enhance the look of your staircase with the small blank newel post, providing a sleek and minimalist design for your home.

  • 4000
  • Solid Wood
  • Height: 54″
  • Width: 3-1/4″ Square
  • Ready to Stain